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(note: these comments pertain only to insurance products and services)

"Lanny Levin is a great problem solver with broad expertise. When faced with a complex insurance issue, one of the first names that comes to mind is the Levin Agency."
-Richard Horwood--Attorney, Horwood Marcus & Berk

"Lanny Levin is the most competent insurance technical advisor; he's on the cutting edge of new developments. He is very supportive-right at the telephone with immediate answers to technical questions. He is upbeat and pleasurable to deal with, making insurance challenges fun and easy."
-Lyman Welch--Attorney, Sidley Austin Brown & Wood

"I've worked with Lanny Levin..for several years. We always find them highly responsive, thoroughly professional and ready to craft creative solutions for many of our clients' needs."
-Barry Cain--Managing Director, Strategic Services, Blackman Kallick Bartelstein

"One of the reasons for Lanny's success is his ability to arrive at thoughtful solutions and, more importantly, to effectively communicate them in an increasingly complex environment.When I advise someone to see Lanny, I know they will receive solid advice delivered with great competence and clarity."
-Steven Gilson--CPA, Gilson Labus & Silverman

"I have been acquainted with Lanny Levin on many different levels for a long time. I have always found Lanny and his organization to be extremely adept at providing sophisticated planning on an efficient and cost-effective basis. I have been impressed by his preparedness and creative skills in addressing difficult matters."
-Gary Levenstein--Attorney, Ungaretti & Harris

"After knowing Lanny for more than 20 years, there are two reasons I recommend him to my clients. He is extremely honest and ethical, and he is extremely knowledgeable about insurance and other financial fields."
-Barnett Bakal--Certified Public Accountant

"Lanny Levin is that very rare professional that, rather than give a quick answer, will research until he gets the right answer. Many times he will recommend a product that may not generate the most revenue for his firm, but which is the best product for the client. For those customers I have referred to him, he has exceeded all their expectations beyond belief."
-Lawrence Horwich--Certified Public Accountant, Lawrence A. Horwich & Associates, Inc.

"I called Lanny to help a client of mine who needed some life insurance options for estate planning. Lanny was very thorough and very unbiased in doing what was best for the client. He had A+ products, and his service was wonderful. I know I can depend on him."
-Allen R. Hochfelder--Certified Public Accountant, Hochfelder & Weber, P.C.

"I have always found Lanny to be very knowledgeable in insurance matters and consider him a valuable resource. His firm has the expertise that is necessary in this time of very complex financial products. He is clearly in the top of his field."
-Neil Cass--Attorney, Duane, Morris & Heckscher, LLP

"Lanny is successful because he is an expert at what he does. He works with the best insurance companies. He cares about his clients, and makes suggestions for them that make sense. I like the way he does business."
-Neil Greenbaum--Attorney, Sachnoff & Weaver

"My clients are well-served by using Lanny Levin. He is a very well qualified, professional, knowledgeable insurance agent. His Firm is professional, its products are well priced, and they always disclose fully what the product should do."
-Alan Berry--Attorney, Katten Muchin Rosenman

"I had a client with an insurance problem. Lanny was able to research the marketplace and give me a very quick answer. His products are among the best in the marketplace. He has a terrific understanding of estate planning techniques, and as a result is absolutely at the front of the pack in terms of insurance services."
-Robert Zimelis--Attorney, Neal Gerber & Eisenberg

"Lanny worked with one of my clients. He did a very professional job. He is very bright, very energetic, and a real benefit to the estate planning community. I would recommend him."
-David Shayne--Attorney, Holland & Knight, LLC

"I think Lanny is extremely knowledgeable, bright, helpful, easy to work with and always accessible and responsive. People like doing business with Lanny Levin."
-Michael Lurie--Attorney, Lurie & Unterberger, Ltd.

"I've worked with Lanny through the Chicago Estate Planning Council for many years. I have a great deal of respect for his intellectual abilities, as well as his integrity."
-David Herpe--Attorney, McDermott Will & Emery

"Lanny is extremely knowledgeable, and the interests of his clients are paramount. In one case, I had a client who was contemplating some esoteric changes to his estate plan. Based upon Lanny's recommendation, he did not make those changes."
-Martin Brozosky--Attorney, Brozosky & Brosk, P.C.

These are the personal views of a select group of Lanny Levin's clients and advisors, and may not be the experience of other clients. The opinions expressed are not indicative of future performance or results.

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