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Client Services & Products For Financial Security

Executive Benefit Plans

How can you use selective "non-qualified" plans (bonus, split-dollar, deferred compensation, or salary continuation benefits) to attract and retain top-flight executives? We custom-design such plans with various levels of cost-recovery to suit your objectives.

Qualified Plans

Highly-regulated plans still have a place in tax and retirement planning for some businesses, especially with the recently increased limits. We will help design and administer such a plan in conjunction with our pension consultant or one of your choice. We have annuity and insurance products, mutual funds for profit-sharing plans, split-funded and fully guaranteed pension plans ("412(e)(3)"), plus 401(k) plans.

Disability Income*

How can you protect your "most valuable asset?" We use some of the industry's finest noncancelable disability income insurance plans to guarantee income to you when illness or injury strikes. For businesses we design Qualified Sick Pay Plans (multi-life employer-paid executive plans) and voluntary plans paid for by employees (partially or completely) via salary-allotment.

Wealth-Preservation Planning

What methods are available to reduce Federal Estate taxes, now and in the future? How can life insurance be used creatively to leverage your assets and solve estate-planning problems? How can you get large assets to children or grandchildren when minimal gift tax exclusions are available.

Business Continuity Planning

How do you transfer a family-owned or closely-held business to the next generation or to your partners? Are your buy-sell agreements or other plans up-to-date and still effective for the current situation?

Survivor Income Planning

What is your human life value? How much of it do you want replaced if you die? How much and what kind of life insurance is needed? What planning strategies are made possible by a portfolio of permanent life insurance? How can life insurance be used creatively to provide survivor income and enhance retirement income?

Distribution Planning

How (and when) should you take distributions from your pension or profit-sharing plan or your IRA? Have you saved too much? How can you leverage your qualified plan assets using life insurance?

Due Care

How can you select among the hundreds of companies offering life insurance products? We provide financial strength & historical performance comparisons to help you put together a diversified portfolio of high-quality insurance companies.

*Disability income products underwritten and issued by Berkshire Life Insurance Company of America, Pittsfield, MA, a wholly owned stock subsidiary of The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, New York, NY.